All Earlier Rewards + "M.R.S. Degree" Koozie

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When you contribute $10, you will get all of the following:

LEVEL 3 REWARD - "M.R.S. DEGREE" KOOZIE, which has the JOE BERK logo on one side, and the ALBUM ART for "M.R.S. DEGREE" on the other. Fun date, I have designed 100% of my own album art EXCEPT for this one -- I still did the cloud art title though...

LEVEL 2 REWARD - 3-PACK of "Joe & Judy" STICKERS from the "A Guy's Girl" music video...unfortunately Judy died (popped lol) when we flipped over the ATV trying to get some sick footage so RIP. This one's for you girl!

LEVEL 1 REWARD - YOUR NAME put in the CREDITS of the MUSIC VIDEO for "Firsts" thanking you for your support. I don't care if the music video winds up being an hour long because we need 57 minutes of credits...that's how it's gonna go.

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